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Spruce Framing Lumber – High quality lumber makes any installation easier.

• 2x2x8 Spruce – Premium grade product – sub-bundled.

• 2x4x92-5/8” and 2x4x96” are Stud grade from premium mills, like Nechako or Appolo.

• 2x6x96” & 104-5/8” are Stud grade from premium mills like Nechako or Buchannon.

• 2x4x104-5/8” Are the best quality available.

• 2x4 and 2x6 random length Spruce: We carry #2 & Better stock from premium mills such as Carrier or Dunkley. Others carry the lower grade of Standard & Better, or if they stock #2 & Better, it is NOT from premium mills. The premium #2 & Better mills charge more for their product, but the small difference in price is money well spent.

#2 Spruce Boards – An economical solution when kiln-dried lumber is required.

• Paint Grade (an industry slang grade) spruce boards are actually a #2 grade. All of these boards are Kiln-Dried, so they can be painted immediately.

• Some competitors carry appearance grade which allows less wane (barked edges), but more and larger knots, more crook and other defects than #2 grade. Generally, there is very little to no wane on our #2 spruce boards.